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    • Presojet GPS

    • Presojet
    • Presojet Morfologic GPS is a medico-aesthetic equipment of presotherapy, which takes into account the morphology of the patient, guaranteeing effective results. ONLINE control of booked sessions, schedule, statistics, promotions, connection with smartphone / ios, SAT etc.

    • Thermojet GTS

    • Thermojet
    • The most quick and efficient way to lose weight and not putting it back on. Thermojet Morfologic GPS is a thermopolisis beauty treatment appliance that takes into consideration the morphology of each patient. ONLINE control of booked sessions, schedule, statistics promotions, connection with smartphone / ios, SAT etc.

    • Collagen

    • Collagen
    • Collagen is a human protein made by fibroblast cells in the dermis layer of the skin. Skin is supported by underlying collagen and elastin, because these proteins are responsible for the tightness, elasticity and suppleness of the skin.
      With this new technology we achieve a very effective and a quick rejuvenation of the whole body.

    • Diode Laser Nirvana

    • Hemobye
    • Nirvana is a device that incorporates new technology diode laser for permanent hair removal and rejuvenation.


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