• medicalium energies & health

  • 25 years experience

    • The vocation of Energies and Health is the manufacture of its own medical and aesthetics devices. To that end, the R&D department has created two devices with some characteristics that make them unique in the sector: Thermojet GTS and Presojet GPS. These two machines incorporate online features to all their services.

    • Energies & Health commitment to innovation, technology and internationalization, and through the development of interconnectivity across all your devices, communication between professionals and their costumers is easy, fluent and effective.

    • Online R&D

      The Online R&D technology is able to continually connect the devices and their owners through the Internet and enjoyment of services specifically designed to enhance to maximize their business and the service offered to its customers like remote control, customer tracking, reminder and appointment management via SMS (mobile APP), etc, from anywhere in the world.